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« Exatlón Estados Unidos (HD, New) Un reality show de supervivencia deportiva extrema, en el que dos equipos luchan como héroes y se enfrentan en diferentes desafíos y competencias.
El final del paraíso (HD, New)
El Señor de los Cielos (HD, New) Un hombre que con su poder logró poner de rodillas a todo un país, transformó el negocio del narcotráfico y conquistó los cielos con una flota de aviones.
The Voice Live Playoffs Top 20 (HD, TV-PG) The top 20 artists perform in front of the coaches for an opportunity to earn a spot in the top 13.
Bluff City Law Need to Know (HD, New, TV-14) Emerson's mother comes to town with a case that she wants Sydney and Elijah to handle; Della assists her son in dealing with her father's behavior.
All American Bring the Pain (HD, New, TV-PG) Layla pretends that everything is fine by hosting a party after Spencer and Olivia fail at helping her; Preach pushes Coop to record music that isn't her style.
Black Lightning The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five (HD, New, TV-14) Jefferson makes a decision that leads to tragedy; Anissa's identity is put in jeopardy; Agent Odell takes a critical step towards winning over Jennifer.
Seinfeld The Airport (HD, TV-PG) When Jerry and Elaine are forced to take a standby flight, Jerry gets to party in first class with a model; Kramer sees a man who owes him money at the airport.
Seinfeld The Friars Club (HD, TV-PG) Chaos ensues when Jerry loses an expensive jacket during his probationary membership to a private club; Kramer tries to alter his sleeping patterns.
« Exatlón Estados Unidos (HD, New)
El final del paraíso (HD, New)
El Señor de los Cielos (HD, New)
According to Jim The Receipt (TV-PG) The family's new DVD player breaks down without warning, and Jim accuses his wife of misplacing the receipt that he needs to exchange it.
According to Jim Old Friends (TV-PG) A former friend of Jim's from his wilder and younger days, who has since become a motorcycle cop, returns to town in order to take Jim out.
That '70s Show Leaving Home Ain't Easy (TV-14) While Fez's rejection prompts Jackie to try and make his life miserable, Bob makes an announcement that forces Donna to make a life-changing choice.
That '70s Show Love of My Life (TV-14) Kitty and Red find that leaving their home behind in order to move to Florid is a much more challenging experience than they had anticipated.
That '70s Show That '70s Finale (TV-14) Kelso returns to town and the entire gang gets back together; Kitty and Red ponder moving away; Eric returns to give Donna a kiss.
That '70s Show That '70s Pilot (TV-14) In the 1970s, a high school teenager from a small town in Wisconsin hangs out with his close-knit group of friends in his parent's basement.
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